Monday, March 23, 2009

SBE series : very very bored VS very very miss

Assalamulaikum w.b.t..

Welcome to my journal about the moments when I was doing my School Based Experience at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pangkalan Tentera, Kuantan.

9 Mac 2009 - The 1st day, when I was lost almost in everythings

7.53 a.m -

This morning, I was late for school because of the wrong information. I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Wira. When I was walking towards that school, suddenly I felt rather suspicious. I asked a student in front of that school, "Is this SK Pangkalan Tentera?" she said "No". Abruptly, I turned back and asked a woman. Again, the answer was 'No' and then she added..."The school is in the camp"

I called the school and notified that I have to get there through the Royal M
alaysian Air Force Base and seek for the past at the main gate.When I reach for the school's office, every single staffs such a blur man...In addition, they were not even friendly...

Pas ini aku mintak dari army yang tengah holding gun machine

Now, I am truly sad. Donno what I am waiting for!!!! Earlier on Friday, I had called this school and I was given to understand that GB and their senior assistant
1 are not going be around along this week...But, SA for student's affairs and SA for co-curricular activities will be around...Then, Okay least there will be somebody to help me. But, today there are NOBODY...Now I'm seating here...on this sofa and waiting for eternity, I hate this!!! My current target  is to finish up my tasks as fast as I can. Then, I want to relax...hehehe... Truly distracted . In the beginning, I though I only have to spend around 2 days on the tasks...But now...I am not so sure anymore.

sekolah yang harmoni dengan bangunan yang antik

10.54 a.m -

GPK C0-cu was quite helpful. I though it gonna be a little bit  tough for me to work on my tasks because all students are sitting for their exam for the whole week. For PE, I'm about to observe 2 teachers but it seems not going to work as planned. I have to re-plan the upcoming observation to ensure everything will be okay and all exaggerations which I'm going to do will looks real...Hahahaha...

Just now, I had done an interview with a few pupils on behaviour problems in their classroom.... They were so responsive, very sweet and clever... Really had a wonderful chat with them. And the most unpredictable thing was, a statement from 1 of them... she said " Done faster and then can do loafing!" Wawawawa....very intelligent ma...this kid. Pergh...How she knew ha?...(long laughter)

Ni la budak2 standard 5 yang best2 blake

12.48 a.m -

cikgu yang tengah kebosanan

1.05 p.m -
Yes!!! 5 minutes to go...

The end~~~~

Summary untuk hari ni...

Kaget la jugak mase tersalah skla pagi tadi... Ni abang aku la bagi salah info..actually aku da agak skola tu betul2 dalam kem coz based on address die... Tapi aku pun sebenarnya ingat dalam Kem. Bt. 10 (tentera darat), rupenye betul2 situated dalam pangkalan tentera udara. But, tu pun aku da la agak skit2 coz b4 aku pernah terjumpe dalam internet yang dieorang pakai Dewan Seri Angkasa kalau ade events... Mase 1st time nak masuk base tadi...cuak la coz ni first time aku masuk base tentera... selama ni tengok dari lua jer pangkalanyer... tapi syok pun ader... suasana kat dalam tu memang la...excited jugak!!! Nak pi skola ni memang takda sign board langsung... da hampir ke dalam perut base tu, baru ade. Tapi aku da mintak kat direction from army yang guard kat entrance tu... Pergh... bende len takmau...IC je acceptable to get the pas... brother tu panggil aku kak...takpo la... aku nampak tua kot... tapi, sila jauhkan machine gun anda dari akak ehhhh... skola tu da sedikit usang la...bangunan lama2...tapi antik la jugak, just tak dipelihara.. perasaan aku mase kat skola arini, bley la bace di jurnal aku kat atas...memang sukar la... nervous and bercampur dengan segala perasaan yang tak terungkap...


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