Monday, August 30, 2010

the blinds with talent : ur eyes r blind, but not ur heart or your soul

If this 11 years old blind pupil could recite the Al-Quran in braille by only touch the dots but with great tarannum, tajwid and so on... why not us who are congenitally normal

p/s : I was teaching her, she is also brilliant in english and other subjects

; sorry for the poor video

the blinds with talent : puteri sangat comel dan manis

During singing's rehearsal of the rukun negara club's launching
The 1st time i had listen to her singing is 3 years ago during a visit to this school, she was singing ezlyn's song :))) so sweet...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aman Shah : Kepulangan Yang Di Nanti (HQ Audio)

Mood nak blik kg beraye...

"no more teacher diyana"

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I got a wall post at my facebook account from a mummy... my pupil's mum, madam Gina. She wrote something that enhancing my feeling of yearning all my pupils especially her son, Yuen. By the way, before I tell what she said, I'll story fleetingly about Yuen.

My first step in his class was on 2 August 2010, it was Friday (if there's no mistake). He is in standard 2 Gemilang along with 3 other kids but on that day there were two absentees. Lu Khai Yuen was sitting opposite to Nur Aminah and his manners were genuinely........ disapproval. I was quite shocked because according to my early meeting with his English teacher, he is clever. But what I just found was a kid who 'love' to spitting + distract his classmates and over clamorous with all kinda ridiculous words ( he loves to say 'kentut' etc). I didn't comprehend him at all, it was more than words can say.

yuen in yellow with his chums

The following week, I had starting my lesson in that class. On the first day, there were 3 kids, Aminah, Yuen and Irshad. Along the lesson I was so infuriated because of his bad manners ( as stated above). All days he was keeping disturb others and my lessons constantly deferred in order to 'govern' his misbehaves. It was approximately 3 weeks before i just realized such a great modus operandi to discipline his disapproval manners. Actually I had been started the token system which is the pupils who succeed to answer the questions during the third stage will be awarded with sticks. But, it was about after 3 weeks I had found out that all my pupils of standard 2 especially Yuen, love the stick damn much.

yuen was afraid i'll remove his sticks

After the discovery, i took this fortune maximally...hahahahah!!!! Every time he had show his bad manners, I will say "you want stick or not?" and he will reply, " want!".... I said again, "then, be good!" Alhamdulillah, since I had been using that formula, his manners as well as his other classmates were totally controlled. They all love my teaching and playing the games
especially 'poisonous box' along listen to the song ' driving in a car'. Ermm... about the song, actually it was an accident when i had discover my kids love it so's secret...
Afterward, because of my ability in handle that colleague who taught Malay Lang. in that class also asked some consultations on how I had manage to control them, it is my pleasure in sharing...

By the way, my great succession is about Yuen... It's not my intention to 'pilih kasih' among my students. But, because of his misbehaves I had to paid more attention towards him... and from that, I turn close to him + because of his concerns on me and friends. What can be concluded here is, he is very nice... just have to know how to 'grab' him :)))
teacher misses u all dear...

This is what his mummy had post on my wall ;

Gina Mah

Gina Mah Hello..Teacher Diyana..Hope u all r doing well n thanks for all ur ideas n effort teaching Yuen..."He says no more teacher Diyana"...

19 hours ago · · · See Wall-to-Wall

Friday, August 27, 2010

the blinds with talent : why he is such an adorable young boy? (part 2)

Credit to madam Gina for the video.
White Horse by Taylor Swift

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the blinds with talent : why he is such an adorable young boy?

Credit to madam Gina for the video, i was speechless on the 1st time i watched this.
He is a blind with talents

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